T-Mobile webConnect on Ubuntu 9.04

June 2, 2009 by

ubuntu_logoI couldn’t resist trying the T-Mobile (Huawei E181) HSDPA modem on my netbook running Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop. This is all I had to do to get it working:

  1. Plugged in the USB modem.
  2. Created a new ‘Mobile Broadband’ profile using the connection wizard in Ubuntu’s (Gnome) Network Manager (which already had the T-Mobile USA ‘Internet’ settings pre-configured).
  3. Clicked connect on the newly created ‘T-Mobile (Internet)’ profile.

Wow, that was easy! Easier than on Windows or on a Mac.

Again, I tested my download speed … in the same physical location as I tested it on with my Mac … i.e. with somewhat limited coverage. I ran it a few times. I got download speeds of over 800 Kbps every time. Even faster than on my Mac.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Hey, i work at a T-Mobile and a customer came in with the Dell Mini Inspiron 910. With that Ubunto OS on it, and i could not figure out how to connect to our Web Connect Stick. The stick has an AutoRun feature on it, and it wouldn’t read the Autorun software on the stick??? Any help?

  2. Martin says:


    The AutoRun won’t work on Ubuntu/Linux. However, if you go to the network applet in Ubuntu you should see LAN, WLAN, and WWAN there. The one you want is WWAN. There will be a little wizard there. Just select T-Mobile from the networks list. That should be it.

    If that doesn’t work, it could be that you need another firmware on the WebConnect modem stick. You can find instructions of how to apply another firmware on the modem in my how-to for Mac OS. A word of caution on that one, though; If you reflash the modem with a non-T-Mobile firmware, T-Mobile might not support it anymore. So, given that you work for T-Mo, maybe you should have your customer do it him/herself and let him/her know about the potential consequences.

    Good luck!

  3. Hamid says:


    I’ve just ordered a Dell mini 10 from T-mobile and can’t wait to get it (should be here Tue-Thu). After some research I realize that it has W7 starter edition and I’m not that excited about it. Also I have found out that Ubuntu is the best option to have on Dell mini 10 especially with mandatory minimum of only 1GB in ram. I played with Ubuntu before and I like it.

    So ultimately I would like to fresh install Ubuntu onto T-mobile Dell mini 10. I see Martin you got it working with usb stick. Do you think it will work with built in modem? If I’m not mistaken it’s pci-e variation (Huawei EM770U module). I have a feeling it should work, but of course I’m not gonna know until I try. What do you think? Thanx!


  4. Martin says:


    I’m guessing it will work since Dell is selling some of their netbooks with Ubuntu, but since I’ve never tried the built-in modem in the Dell mini, I don’t know. Post back with your experience.

    Good luck!

  5. Jaime Batrum says:

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