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July 2, 2011 by

wunderlistWunderlist is an awesome todo app. It works across mobile and PC platforms — well, except for on Linux — and they have a really nice HTML5 web app. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some other todo apps. But that’s just fine with me, as I really like the simplicity of Wunderlist.

The one function I really would like to see in Wunderlist is todo templates, for things you tend to do relatively often. Grocery shopping is one simple example. Many times when I go shopping for groceries I buy all the staples. You’d think I could easily remember what those are. But, surprisingly, I don’t all the time. If I could have a groceries template that I could use to create a todo list, that would be great. Now, that’s something Wunderlist doesn’t do. So, I had to find a way to mimic this functionality myself.

Wunderlist does allow you to email yourself tasks from the email account you signed up with. To create a todo list you simply put the name of the todo list in the subject of an email and all the tasks in a simple list with each task on a new line. Well, that’s convenient. To get things to work the way I wanted it to work, I created a bunch of email templates for my repeating todo lists. When I want to create a new todo list quickly and easily, I simply take one of my email templates and fire it off to me@wunderlist.com. This creates a new todo list in my Wunderlist on the fly. Pretty nice, huh?

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  1. paul says:

    Cool tip!

    Wish they would just add repeating tasks–or, as for grocery lists, repeating checklists!

    But, in the meantime, thanks for this!

    Could be useful for other todo apps, too.

    I currently use Appigo’s Todo, but it’s been running into problems with synching, losing tasks with upgrades, etc. so I’m looking around.

    I particularly like Wunderlist’s Today feature!

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