Private Dropbox clone using OpenMediaVault and SparkleShare

November 14, 2011 by

sparkleshareTonight I got SparkleShare running using my new shiny virtual Open Media Vault NAS. Not as a “real” plugin on OMV, but just following the SparkleShare installation instructions here.

First I installed SparkleShare on my Ubuntu laptop from the Ubuntu Software Center. (At the time of writing the SparkleShare version in Software Center is a bit dated. I’m hoping it will be updated from 0.25. to 0.4 soon.)

Once SparkleShare was installed on my client machines I logged in as root on my OMV server and installed Git:

apt-get install git-core

On my OMV box I ran:

adduser ––disabled-password git
cd /home/git
git init ––bare MyProject
mkdir .ssh
vi .ssh/authorized_keys

Following the instructions, I pasted the key into the authorized_keys file on the server, which SparkleShare had created during installation in my home directory on my Ubuntu laptop.

Lastly, I ran:

chown -R git:users .

… for git to own everything in that directory.

I also tested a version of this adding a user from the OMV UI:

cd /home/username
git init ––bare OMV01
mkdir .ssh
vi .ssh/authorized_keys

And again, I pasted my key into the authorized_keys file.

The final step was to chown everything in the directory to the user:

chown -R username:users .

Now, I re-started SparkleShare on the Ubuntu laptop and re-ran the “Add folder” wizard, using username@[omv-server-ip-address] in the “On my own server” field and /home/username/OMV01 in the “Remote path” field.

It seems to work fine so far. Next I’ll try it on a Mac. (There is no Windows client yet.)

Now, if this could be set up through the OMV interface, that would be awesome. Unfortunately I don’t know how to write the plugin and get all this automated, but I’m hoping someone else will come along who does know how to do it, because having it built in to Open Media Vault would be

As a side-note, there’s another interesting open source project, which is similar to SparkleShare, called Syncany ( Syncany doesn’t seem to be as far along as SparkleShare when it comes to working clients, but it does seem promising, has some nice features, and is arguably a better solution than using Git, since Git may not be the best solution for large files.

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  1. Kath Figueroa says:

    Thank you for sharing this info. Have been having problems when I tried to run it the first time in Ubuntu. Will wait for your post about using Sparkleshare in Mac 🙂

  2. usrflo says:

    Try out the current versions: Sparkleshare is available for Windows, Linux and Mac now., see

  3. Torleif says:

    Thanks for this guide.
    I have not tryid it yet. But I see there is a git plugin for OMV. Can this be used or do I have to install git-core?
    Do I log on with “git” user from sparkleshare client?
    I have a “home” folder for my user. But OMV does not allow me to crate a “home” folder in /home. It only allows me to create a home folder in one of my shares.

    Thanks for all help 🙂

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